Upper Lip Lift

As we age, our faces change through a complex interplay of gravity, facial skeletal atrophy, muscle atrophy, and fat loss (or redistribution).  One facial manifestation of this process is a gradual lengthening of the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip (called the philtrum).  This elongation of the philtrum affects our faces whether we are smiling or not. Some people comment that they used to be able to see their upper teeth more, but as they’ve aged, the teeth have disappeared behind their upper lip.  This increased length is associated with an aged appearance that is often compounded by the natural thinning of our upper lips. Undoubtedly, fuller lips with a shorter philtrum is associated with youth, and thinner lips with a longer philtrum is associated with age. A rejuvenating technique that addresses this area specifically is called an Upper Lip Lift.

Under local anesthetic in approximately 1 hour, a small amount of skin is removed from under the nose during an upper lip lift and the upper lip is lifted. This accomplishes 2 objectives: it shortens the philtrum and it provides a subtle volumization of the upper lip making it appear slightly more full. Interested in learning more about getting an upper lip lift at The Baltimore Center? Contact us today!

Upper Lip Lift Before and After Picture:

lip lift before after

Dr. Capone is an expert in addressing aging around the mouth, including vertical lip lines, thinning of the lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, drooping of the nasal tip, and philtrum elongation. The Upper Lip Lift is just one additional method at his disposal to make you look your best and preserve your youthful look.


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