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Rhinoplasty goes by many names, including nasal contouring, nose reshaping, or simply nose job. Some individuals even use a covert name, like septoplasty, for added discretion. Mastery of this treatment requires artistry meticulous attention detail, a thorough understanding of nasal anatomy, and dedication to lifelong learning to stay abreast of surgical advancements. Dr. Capone is a rhinoplasty specialist with years of experience. Plastic surgery on the nose can be safely performed on healthy individuals age 16 and up, and the best candidates are those who desire a natural looking change and have realistic expectations.

Different Types of Rhinoplasty


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Noses come in all shapes and sizes. It is often the most characteristic feature of our face. Subtle changes like hump reduction, tip refinement, or straightening produce a pleasurable change in one’s appearance. People tend to focus on facial features that appear irregular or out of proportion, such as a large, crooked nose. Such characteristics pull our attention away from the eyes, which is the part of the face where people typically look during personal interaction or conversation. By improving the appearance of the nose with a nose job, Dr. Capone can improve facial balance, reduce facial distractions, and enhance attractiveness.

It is Dr. Capone’s philosophy that a nose should appear natural and should respect ethnic or familial influences, if so desired. Large variations in nasal form without such boundaries tend to result in over exaggerated changes that are easily critiqued by others. We’ve all seen noses that look artificial or “overdone” after a nose job and this should be avoided. Cosmetic rhinoplasty patients at The Baltimore Center review their personal cosmetic imaging results with Dr. Capone to preview their surgical results and see how they might look after after this nose reshaping plastic surgery. This is an essential communication tool, assuring patients of The Baltimore Center they are in the best hands with an expert who understands their goals.


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One of the prime functions of the nose is to breathe; yet many individuals have nasal obstruction that makes breathing difficult, uncomfortable, even sometimes impossible. If you are satisfied with the way your nose looks, but are unhappy with the way it works, you should consider a nasal airway evaluation at The Baltimore Center. Dr. Capone is an expert in correction of the impaired nasal airway, and The Baltimore Center is a destination for individuals who have difficulty breathing through their noses. Whether from prior surgery, prior trauma, or simply from your native nasal anatomy, problematic nasal congestion can be improved using specialized plastic surgery techniques to optimize your air passages, opening them internally without changing the external appearance of the nose. It is important to note that while no nasal airway is perfect, small changes in airway dimension or nasal support can often lead to substantial improvement in breathing comfort. Nasal airway reconstruction is one of Dr. Capone’s avid research interests.


No one’s nose is perfect, but if you’ve already had a plastic surgery on your nose and are not pleased with its outcome, this can be a particularly discouraging situation. Revision Rhinoplasty is the term used to describe any surgical nasal reshaping performed after one’s primary rhinoplasty. Nose reshaping revisions can address problems in either form or function. Depending on your goals, it is sometimes a simple in-office procedure performed under local anesthetic, or alternatively can be an involved, multiple hour procedure that requires the use of cartilage grafts harvested from your septum, ear, or rib. Occasionally, a revision can be performed just a few months after your first surgery, but it is not uncommon that a full year of healing is necessary before your nose can be operated upon again. Through experience and meticulous examination, Dr. Capone will answer your questions about nose jobs and set you at ease. He will help determine what will be necessary for you to achieve realistic goals, as well as the proper timing for when to undergo a revision.


After a cleft lip repair, a plastic surgery on the nose is often necessary in the teen years to improve the shape or function of the nose and improve self-confidence. Cleft rhinoplasty poses a unique set of challenges different from a typical cosmetic or functional nasal contouring. It is sometimes performed in combination with a cleft lip scar revision. As co-director of The Greater Baltimore Cleft Lip and Palate Team, Dr. Capone is an expert in improving the appearance of the nose in the setting of congenital differences.

I was looking at before and after galleries for rhinoplasty and was amazed by your work. Everyone looks so natural. Don’t know why but I was under the impression one would have to travel to LA for good plastic surgery but I have yet to find better pictures anywhere than what I’ve seen for Dr. Capone.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Due to the specific nature of the procedure, we cannot properly determine how much a Rhinoplasty may cost for each individual patient without a consultation. Dr. Capone wants to ensure that you are receiving the best possible care, so to provide a cost estimate without first sitting down to discuss the various options, would not in your best interest. While the average cost of Rhinoplasty surgery can vary based on a number of different factors, we want to ensure that you are being provided with the best possible care, and service, so we request that you schedule an in-office consultation with Dr. Capone.

The cost of a rhinoplasty can range from between $5000 to $10,000 based on a number of different things. Location, the surgeon, and other operating costs can all factor into the price of a rhinoplasty. A more qualified surgeon, who specializes in facial plastic surgery, may cost more than a plastic surgeon whose specialty is the body.

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Founded and directed by Johns Hopkins faculty Dr. Randolph Capone, the Baltimore Center is a premier plastic surgery practice dedicated exclusively to providing state of the art care for individuals desiring body enhancement, rejuvenation, or repair. The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery was founded for one purpose: to combat the signs of aging and deformity.

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