Functional Rhinoplasty

Reasons People Get Functional Rhinoplasty

One of the prime functions of the nose is to breathe; yet many individuals have nasal obstruction that makes breathing difficult, uncomfortable, and even sometimes impossible. Different internal structures inside the nose have little to do with appearance, but everything to do with your ability to breathe. Structures such as the internal nasal valves, the external nasal valves, the septum, and the inferior turbinates, for example, govern and dictate the nasal airway.

About Functional Rhinoplasty at The Baltimore Center

If you are satisfied with the way your nose looks, but are unhappy with the way it works, you should schedule a nasal airway evaluation at The Baltimore Center. Dr. Capone is an expert in correction of the impaired nasal airway, and Our Practice is a destination for individuals who are unable to breathe through their noses. Nasal airway reconstruction and optimization is one of Dr. Capone’s avid research interests. Whether from prior surgery, prior trauma, or simply from your native nasal anatomy, problematic nasal congestion can be improved using specialized rhinoplasty techniques to enhance your air passages, opening them internally without changing the external appearance of the nose. It is important to note that while no nasal airway is perfect, small changes in airway dimension or nasal support can often lead to substantial improvement in breathing comfort. This is important for individuals who are congested, or for athletes trying to maximize performance. In either instance, undergoing functional rhinoplasty to permanently breathe easier can be life changing.

Thank you for being the BEST! So glad I chose you for my son’s surgery. Thank you, thank you!!!! His nose looks so great and I’m so happy for him. :)  

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