Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is the surgical procedure that rejuvenates the lower face and neck. The proper term for a facelift is rhytidectomy, but almost no one outside the medical community uses this term. More and more, cosmetic surgeons are marketing catchy, euphemistic names to help promote their personal facelift technique, often touting that theirs is best.  At The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery, we recognize that facelift names have no standardization and therefore only confuse patients about what is actually being done. The bottom line is this:  As you age, your skin loses elasticity and resiliency, becomes lax, and sags. At the same time, fat in the face deflates, muscles atrophy, and even the facial bones themselves change shape and size over time.  All of these changes in concert yield the features we associate with advancing age.

Optimal Facelift Results

One substantial advancement in cosmetic facial surgery in recent years has been the realization that less ideal results are achieved by removing skin and repositioning soft tissues alone.  We understand that a much better rejuvenation is achieved when skin and soft tissue repositioning is combined with restoration of youthful contours using facial volume and skin resurfacing. By itself, for example, a facelift commonly yields a 5-6 year appearance improvement, but when combined with fat transfer to enhance volume and then followed by skin resurfacing, the results can be twice this… and look more natural.  At The Baltimore Center, we educate patients that when a facelift is accompanied by appropriate adjunctive procedures, a good facelift often becomes a great rejuvenation!

Prize-Winning Rhytidectomy Expert

A facelift expert, Dr. Capone has published one of the few papers that gives insight into the mechanics of healing after a facelift. In it, Dr. Capone describes a mathematical relation that describes how quickly tissues recover after rhytidectomy, i.e. the “post-rhytidectomy relaxation rate”.  It is this work that was recognized by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with the Sir Harold Delf Gilles Prize.

Founded and directed by Johns Hopkins faculty Dr. Randolph Capone, the Baltimore Center is a premier plastic surgery practice dedicated exclusively to providing state of the art care for individuals desiring body enhancement, rejuvenation, or repair. The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery was founded for one purpose: to combat the signs of aging and deformity.

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