How a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Can Help a Deviated Septum

How a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Can Help a Deviated Septum

Not only is your nose the center of your face, but it is also a major part of how you breathe. One small nasal issue, like a deviated septum, can affect your daily breathing, and also how you sleep.  A deviated septum can also be visually seen with a crooked or broken nose. But don’t give up on your nose just yet. A rhinoplasty coupled with a septoplasty can make your nose work properly and look as good as new.

What is a deviated septum?

The first step to correcting a deviated septum is knowing what it is. The septum is the part of your nose that divides it in half, between your two nostrils. It is made up of bone and cartilage. When your septum is off-center or crooked, it is deviated. This deviation can make breathing difficult or uncomfortable, and in some cases can also look unflattering.

Deviated septums are very common. The Mayo Clinic notes that about 70 to 80 percent of people have a noticeable deviated septum. For many, deviated septums do not cause any problems. For others, a deviated septum can block breathing and make the nose appear crooked. Some people are born with this issue. Other people may develop a deviated septum after a nose injury or a previous nose surgery.

When should a rhinoplasty be performed?

Though many people assume a rhinoplasty is used to fix deviated septums, the surgery used to correct this issue is actually called a septoplasty. You can think of a septoplasty as a type of functional rhinoplasty. During a septoplasty, Dr. Capone straightens the crooked cartilage and bone that makes up the septum inside the nose.

The goal of septoplasty is to improve breathing, sinus function and snoring as a result of your septum blocking air from passing through your nose correctly. This procedure typically takes only an hour or so and patients usually have very little downtime. There may be a bit of swelling outside of your nose after the surgery.

So where does a cosmetic rhinoplasty come in? While septoplasty focuses on the functionality of your nose, the goal of a cosmetic rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance of your nose. A deviated septum can make your nose look unappealing and can throw off the symmetry of your face. Combining a rhinoplasty with a septoplasty, also called septorhinoplasty, can result in an improved overall aesthetic. With the right plastic surgeon, a septorhinoplasty should leave you with a nose that works and also improves overall balance and symmetry of your face.

Dr. Capone is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and an expert in correcting impaired nasal airways caused by a deviated septum. In fact, nasal airway reconstruction and cosmetic correction is one of Dr. Capone’s most performed surgeries. He specializes in rhinoplasty, teaching the procedure to other surgeons, lecturing about it across the country and writing about the procedure prestigious publications. If you need a septoplasty and/or rhinoplasty, look no further than The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery.

How do you know if you have a deviated septum?

You may be reading this article because you think you have a deviated septum. The only way to really know is to visit a doctor, but there are some common symptoms that you may notice:

  • Difficulty breathing through nose because of an obstruction.
  • Pain in one side of your face (the same side that the deviation leans towards).
  • Nosebleeds.
  • Noisy breathing or snoring while you sleep.
  • A preference for sleeping on one side due to breathing.
  • Recurring sinus infections.

Think you have a deviated septum? Contact The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery today! We are the leading experts in facial enhancement and reconstruction here in Baltimore, Maryland.


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