Billing and Insurance

Billing and Insurance

Dr. Capone is currently a contracted provider with most PPO insurance plans. Fees for all services are due in full at the time the service is provided unless previous financial arrangements have been made. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and personal checks. Please be aware there will be a $35 service charge for any returned check. Since Dr. Capone is a specialist, your insurance company may require a referral for your visit from your primary care physician. It is your responsibility to obtain a referral if your insurance plan requires one. If there is no referral in the system on the date of your visit, you will be responsible for the office visit fee.

Consultation Fees

We offer many types of appointments to our patients. Please call our office to inquire about fees.

Surgery Fees

Often, patients may combine cosmetic procedures with medically necessary procedures. In this case, we will file an insurance claim for your office visits and surgery is performed for functional (medically necessary) reasons. All co-payments will be collected at the time of service. If we do not participate with your insurance company, or you do not currently have active medical insurance, you will be expected to pay in full at the time of service.

All payments for cosmetic (elective) surgical procedures are due two weeks (14 days) prior to surgery. An estimate will be given to you during your consultation. While the physician fee will not change, fees for the facility and anesthesia services are estimates. These fees may vary based upon actual time and/or supplies used during your procedure. Payments to the surgical center and anesthesia services are due the day of the surgery. There may be additional out of pocket expenses for any medically necessary procedure not covered by your insurance company. It is the patient’s responsibility to know the details of their individual plan. We will call to pre-certify coverage for any functional or medically necessary surgery.

Founded and directed by Johns Hopkins faculty Dr. Randolph Capone, the Baltimore Center is a premier plastic surgery practice dedicated exclusively to providing state of the art care for individuals desiring body enhancement, rejuvenation, or repair. The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery was founded for one purpose: to combat the signs of aging and deformity.

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