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baltimore plastic surgery center
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baltimore plastic surgery center
baltimore plastic surgery center

Founded and directed by Johns Hopkins faculty Dr. Randolph Capone, the Baltimore Center is a premier plastic surgery practice dedicated exclusively to providing state of the art care for individuals desiring body enhancement, rejuvenation, or repair. The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery was founded for one purpose: to combat the signs of aging and deformity.

baltimore plastic surgery center

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​5 Habits You Need to Break to Avoid Getting Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

There’s no time like the new year to break bad habits, and when it comes to bad habits that cause under-eye wrinkles, the sooner you shape up, the better your skin will look.


​Fixing an Upturned or Turned Up Nose for Good

An “upturned nose” is oftentimes a facial feature that some people decide they want to change. This type of nose can be the result of two things - it can be present from birth or it can be an unwanted side effect from a prior rhinoplasty. Either way, having this type of nose can often be repaired and leave you feeling more confident and attractive than ever.